General Tree Work

Removals: Some trees may be dead, dying or pose a threat to your property and need to be removed. Charron Tree and Shrub Care is equipped with a bucket truck, large capacity chip truck and a log truck allowing us to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Pruning: Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, remove crowded or crossing limbs, and eliminate hazards. Trees can also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the crown to promote healthier growth to the overall trees.

Cable Support & Bracing: Supporting weak parts of your trees is important to protect your home and other outside structures. Trees can become damaged over time from the weight of snow and leaves posing a threat to your property. 

Tree Light Installation: Working with an electrician and a lighting designer our team can help enhance your landscape.

Other services: Holiday light installation, lightening protection, root collar excavation and stump grinding.

Plant Health

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT – Prevent and treat damage from insects and common plant diseases

  • Scout and monitor your property for insects and diseases (weekly or monthly as needed) with a comprehensive report of services performed and what insect/disease was controlled and/or prevented 
  • We offer 2 treatment options: Natural Organic Program, or a combination of natural organic and non-organic treatments 
  • No blanket spraying

    FERTILIZATION – Ensure healthy growth for your trees and shrubs. Healthy trees and shrubs are the first defense against insects and diseases 
  • We offer both natural organic or mineral fertilizers treatments 
  • Recommended fertilization treatment plan includes 2-3 applications per year

    WINTER PLANT CARE – protect trees and shrubs from damaging winter weather

Turf Care

Understanding and managing the complexity of your turf is a science which requires professional experience to ensure it performs to your expectations.

  • Your turf will only last as long as you take care of it - Charron Tree and Shrub Care will develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that will keep your turf healthy and green all year long 
  • Consists of a yearly program of fertility, insect and disease management. Regular visits range from weekly to monthly pending your needs
  • Each visit includes a comprehensive report of services performed and what insect/disease was controlled and/or prevented
  • We also offer aeration, over seeding and slice seeding programs.

Golf Course / Athletic Field Care

Proper care of your golf course / athletic field is crucial to create optimal playing conditions and enable your property to withstand heavy use and weather. Charron Tree and Shrub Care provide a complete soil test and review of the existing environmental elements that contribute to your golf course or athletic field's condition. 
A unique management solution tailored to your golf course or athletic field includes services such as:

  • Implementation of an aeration and top dressing program for your green/field 
  • Implementation of an over seeding and slice seeding program 
  • Fertility program specifically designed for your golf course/athletic field 
  • Dedicated equipment for your golf course/athletic field

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